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This event is organized by La Fondation Cruz-A which is an organization that operates non-profit and is constituted by an administrative body and a large group of collaborators.

Latin Awards Awards Canada

They aim to reward, highlight and recognize values and effort of artists, young and local talent residing in Canada equally to entrepreneurs athletes, journalists, broadcasters, promoters, Latino media and Canadian personalities.

The only intention to produce this event has been with the vision of creating a movement for the development of the world of musical entertainment and communications Montreal and Canada in order to organize and visualize more local and international level.
Intending to encourage new artists to be better every day and recognize the good work of the experts in the different area and unite to grow together and be better every day and support with each other.

Our motto is: just the fact of being nominated AND YOU ARE A WINNER.

Latin Awards Awards Canada
It is not a competition nor the intention is to make them compete, our intention is to highlight the work completed each year by their presence, participation and contribution to the art culture, communication and music entertainment.
As well as exchange and meeting with personalities and important producers of the musical world and event productions.

Finally this event is a feast and celebration of music, art, cultural, communication and entertainment in Canada.
The nominees will be recognized for the work and performance they have had during the year ended.

The choice of nominees will be through surveys of the most prominent in different areas and the winners will be chosen during the ratings to determine the general public through a website and social networks.

Aníbal Cruz
Fondation Cruz-A

Director General
Premios Latin Awards Canada